Intelligent Image Analysis For Plant Phenotyping

Edited by Ashok Samal, Sruti Das Choudhury

ISBN - 9781315177304

Published- 22 October 2020

Imprint - CRC Press

Pub. location- Boca Raton

Cover Page of the Book
Domesticated crops are the result of artificial selection for particular phenotypes or, in some cases, natural selection for an adaptive trait. Plant traits can be identified through image-based plant phenotyping, a process that was, until recently, strenous and time-consuming. Intelligent Image Analysis for Plant Phenotyping reviews information on time-saving techniques, using computer vision and imaging technologies. These methodologies provide an automated, non-invasive, and scalable mechanism by which to define and collect plant phenotypes. Beautifully illustrated, with numerous color images, the book focuses on phenotypes measured from individual plants under controlled experimental conditions, which are widely available in high-throughput systems.


  • Presents methodologies for image processing, including data-driven and machine learning techniques for plant phenotyping.
  • Features information on advanced techniques for extracting phenotypes through images and image sequences captured in a variety of modalities.
  • Includes real-world scientific problems, including predicting yield by modeling interactions between plant data and environmental information.
  • Discusses the challenge of translating images into biologically informative quantitative phenotypes.

A practical resource for students, researchers, and practitioners, this book is invaluable for those working in the emerging fields at the intersection of computer vision and plant sciences.